Employee Management Essentials: How to Go from Micro-Manager to Mentor

Jesse and Sid share their own personal experiences on what makes a manager and their team successful.

Emily Lau of The Little Bra Company: A Business Built on Intuition

Emily Lau of The Little Bra Company discusses practical lessons about what it means to run a business.

Christina Barsi Founder of Avant Haüs Media: How to Use Podcasting in Your Business

Podcasts are designed to create a relationship with your hoped for or existing audience. Jesse and Sid bring on Hack My Business producer and podcast production and consulting firm founder Christina Barsi to talk about how podcasting can be used and leveraged in your business to create deep and authentic connections and how the creation process works.

The Evolution of Marketing and PR During COVID: Being Genuine in an Inauthentic World

Jesse and Sid discuss what COVID-19 has changed about marketing and PR, what will stick, and what will never be the same.

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