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Discover the Power in Asking for Help with Jessica Padilla Bowen

How do you know when it’s the right time to hire an executive coach? Jessica Padilla Bowen is a certified executive coach and accomplished communications and public relations professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Jessica helps executives tackle the biggest issues they’re facing so they can produce the best work possible. In order to be the best version of yourself, you have to know what you don’t know, and be willing to learn from an expert. Tune in as she debunks the myths around her role, and breaks down the differences between consulting and coaching. Having the awareness to know when you need to ask for help is an invaluable skill that will only benefit you and your business!

The Key To Driving Up Economic Vitality with Dave White

How can we create better opportunities within the community? We spoke with Dave White, the CEO at Opportunity Stanislaus, an industry leading nonprofit organization improving economic vitality in Stanislaus county. Digging into the driving forces behind economic development, Dave clues us in on the best way to drive economic growth in a specific region, and what we can do to maintain this growth. We’ll discover the connection between economic development and entrepreneurship, and what elements communities are still missing when it comes to supporting business owners. Through advanced automated robotic systems, the reuse of biomaterials, talent development, and good business initiatives, we can improve people’s quality of life one county at a time!

The Key to Developing a Talented Team with Kurt Daradics

The people in your life are not there by accident! We were joined by Kurt Daradics, host of The Kurty D Show podcast, and the general manager at Hunt Club, where he helps high-growth companies scale through talent recruiting. Kurt encourages all entrepreneurs to embrace the changing landscape and focus on building a strong team of talented minds. You don’t want to take the people around you for granted. He’ll clue us in on the three elements for finding the best people for your business, and for collaborating with clarity and intentionality. Things won’t always happen how you expect them to, so it’s important to be able to trust and rely on the people around you!

Why Small Businesses DON’T Need to Worry About Inflation with Nury Gomez

Are you letting fears about inflation and the threat of recession hold you back from growing your business? We’re thrilled to introduce Nury Gomez, someone we consider a core part of our team! Nury is not only our bookkeeper, but she is the CEO and founder of Accounting Breeze, where she partners with entrepreneurs to help them achieve all their business goals. Nury will answer some of your big questions surrounding rising costs, the threat of inflation, and how entrepreneurs should be planning for the future. Leveling up your business can be daunting, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Learn how you can stay confident and take risks without worry or fear to overcome your business!

The Recipe for Marketing Your Small Business with Patty Ross

A marketing strategy is more than just a pretty logo! Marketing expert and trusted advisor Patty Ross is the CEO of Golden State Marketing, a digital marketing service and promotional product firm. Patty helps discusses the best strategies to design content, identify target audiences, and discover irreplaceable tools. We’ll walk you through software you can use to develop successful strategies that bring in real results, from the beginning planning stages to final publishing. Most importantly, we uncover the best cost-effective approaches to marketing for your small business.

How to Become an Advocate for Your Small Business Community with Julian Cañete

Julian Cañete, president & CEO of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, discusses how you can become an advocate for your community and join forces with The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce to create positive change.

The Tools and Resources You Need to Launch an International Online Business with Anna Latorre

Anna Latorre shares her experience of stepping into the world of entrepreneurship for the first time and how to utilize technology to accelerate a business into an international audience.

How to Assess Your Business’s Environmental Impact with Jaime Nack

Jaime Nack, president of Three Squares Inc., breaks down the three pillars of sustainability and shares how you can use this knowledge to gain access to critical resources and vital tools to ensure your business is working against the effects of climate change, not contributing.

How to Bring Your Product to Life with Stanley Shen

Stanley Shen, founder Hillside Industries, shares how, as a new business owner, you can reach the pinnacle of customer service, meet all the needs of your consumer, and most importantly tackle the patent process!

The Employment Law Handbook Explained with Angela J. Reddock-Wright

We’re honored to introduce Angela J. Reddock-Wright, the founder and practicing partner of Reddock Law Group, a firm specializing in the resolution of employment and labor law, Title IX sexual assault, hazing and other bullying claims within the workplace.

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