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We are so thrilled to welcome Stanley Shen onto the podcast. As an inventor and environmentalist, Stanley’s main goal is to create a brighter and greener future for all of us. Stanley founded Hillside Industries, where they ​​offer adventure driven products that are designed to adapt to all dynamic movements and environments. Stanley will share with us how, as a new business owner, you can reach the pinnacle of customer service, meet all the needs of your consumer, and most importantly tackle the patent process! If you’ve ever wondered about the details behind locating materials and labor, or understanding the technicalities behind getting your product off the ground, then this episode is for you.

More from Stanley Shen:

Finding Stanley Shen:
LinkedIn: @Stanley Shen
Instagram: @hillsideindustries
Facebook: @discoverhillside
Youtube: @HIllside Industries
Pinterest: @shen3068

More From Jesse: 
LinkedIn: Small Business Front
LinkedIn: Jesse Torres, Founder-SBF
Instagram: @smallbizfront
Twitter & Facebook: @SmallBizFront

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