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How do you know when to take a leap to start or expand your business? Sid and Jesse are joined by Alicia Pierre, Founder and CEO of Equilibria, Inc. to help answer these questions. Alicia is an organization expert as well as a podcast host who encourages us to do our best by embracing our natural abilities. We dig into her journey and how she found her way to entrepreneurship through reflection. We share with you the seven elements needed to create new components to your business infrastructure and how best to manage them. These tips will help you organize for the future and achieve success with less stress. 

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Finding Alicia Butler Pierre:
LinkedIn: @AliciaButlerPierre
Instagram: @alicia_b_pierre & @equilibrianic
Facebook: @AliciaButlerPierre & @EQBSYSTEMS
Twitter: @Alicia_B_Pierre & @EquilibriaInc

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